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Call me now to hear which sign is ready to settle down.

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Ring now to hear how romance requires travel plans to come to fruition. Side shows are not an option. Call now for a message from Mars and how he can help you. Call now to hear how Neptune has your back in social dramas. Take your time.

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Dress in what makes you feel good. Confidence counts today. Ring now so I can share my visions with you.

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All close ones wanted was to know you could be a team player. Call now to hear how animals may spark a new friendship. Latest Articles.

Weekly love horoscope by Sarah Bartlett. With Venus gliding into civilised Aquarius at the end of the week, we can be sure of a more objective way to…. Mars is now battling through the earthy world of Taurus, making us all aware of the struggles with have with…. There are no sign more flighty , impulsive, and all over the place than a Sagittarius. But on the flip side, it makes them nearly impossible to get to settle down. They are terrible at being still, at just existing. Aquarians are naturally reserved, private people.

It can be really difficult to read an Aquarius which keeps a distance between them and most people.

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An Aquarius needs someone who they can really trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable around in order to go all in and fall in love. Capricorns are the picture of practicality, efficiency, and hard work. While this makes them incredibly reliable and a star employee or co-worker, it can also mean that they approach each and every relationship like a business transaction.

A Capricorn needs to learn to trust their heart as much as their head in order to find real, lasting love. Geminis have a reputation for being indecisive and overly emotional. While to a certain extent this is true and can make communicating with them tiring, it also means that they love with all of their hearts and put all of their faith in what they feel.

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When a Gemini loves, they go all in. They hold absolutely nothing back and give all of themselves to their partner. It can be intimidating, being loved that much. But that level of vulnerability is something to commend someone, like a Gemini, for being able to do.

Leos are incredibly independent, confident, and sure of themselves. Active, exciting, and a beacon of passion, an Aries makes their partner the center of their world. They prioritize their partners and do their best to be their everything.

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Their cheerleader, their partner in crime, their shoulder to lean on. Who could say no to loving someone like that? There is simply no sign more loyal and steadfast than a Taurus. A Taurus leaves nothing up to the imagination, nothing lingering in any sort of grey area. Everything is out on the table and you always have a clear cut idea of where they stand.